Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Diner Ho Fight

Trenton NJ. A lot of skin & noise. Remarkably, nobody pulls a gun or even appears to be seriously hurt. If you're familiar with Janet Evanovich's Trenton-based Stephanie Plum novels, you'll recognize where she got the character of Lulu. The pimps seem mainly concerned  with not having their product damaged.

Violence in Jersey's all night diners, probably even an urban one like this, is rare. They are considered neutral & secure. Jersey kids begin hanging out in them the moment they get a drivers license, sometimes the first night. When WFMU moved to Jersey City, its "gold coast" location was creepily desolate at night, the building boom just getting powered up, but there was a 24/7 diner, The Flamingo,  right on the corner near the radio station. The old station location had one, The Harris,  a short drive away. There's two within walking distance of my apt, both with WiFi.

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