Friday, August 16, 2013

Difference between this August & last August. Mets 9 games under .500 but not acting or playing like it. They go to L.A., lose three close ones to the Dodgers - two of which they should have won except the Dodgers aren't losing to anyone right now, they're the best team in MLB, on an amazing run.   The Mets shrug it off, go to San Diego & beat the Padres in the series opener.  Without David Wright. There's players on The Mets, rookies & vets, who want to be with The Mets next year. Manager Terry Collins & management have made it clear that August & September are   judgment time. There's some major holes to be filled on this team, from the inside or the outside. Collins stands a fair chance of coming back next year.

Yankees have finally assembled a lineup with some pop in it. Might be too little too late. Six games back for  wild card. Do-able, but they have to jump four other teams & accomplish it with mediocre starting pitching, except for Kuroda.

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