Saturday, July 06, 2013

Wasted trip downtown

Utterly wasted trip yesterday in Jersey steam heat to main library. Included encounter with one of the patronizing dimwits some libraries hire to staff checkout counters, a job requiring one-third the training & none of the energy needed to work a McDonald's drive-thru window.  My library card had expired end of June. No expiration date on card. No prior notification. You renew it & keep the same card. I show current photo drivers license. But they wanted a second proof of address. I don't happen to carry around a utility bill with me, although I have plenty of other identity proofs in my wallet. Because I had no valid card, I could not sign on to a library computer & print out or even point to an online bill or my bank page. The library requires money in library account to make print outs, & I have  money credited to the  account.  I left in a really lousy mood, vowing to myself to take  some kind of revenge if opportunity offered. Walked up to a store that advertised cheap sneakers, didn't like the sneakers, Waited for a bus & came home. I took my Senior  bus discount card out (Eligible as SSD recipient or age 60, I keep it in my wallet but tuck it into a shirt pocket when I plan on using it) & saw it had my address printed on it. DAMN! If had been in my wallet I would have seen it. 

Even the thunderstorms are gone now. Just day after day of hot humid July weather. Could be worse, Could be 100 degrees. 

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