Thursday, July 25, 2013

Carlos Danger, Private Sextitextigator

"I'm Carlos Danger, Private Sextitextigator."
"You look like Anthony Weiner, disgraced ex-congressman."
"No, really, I'm Carlos Danger. Says so right there on my card."
"That's a bizarre photo to put on a business card, isn't it Mr. Danger?"

 "Do I have a pistol in my pocket or am I just happy to see you?"
 "What kind of question is that, Carlos Danger, or whoever you are?"
 "Ask me if I have a license to carry a concealed weapon."
"I'm not the police, Mr. Danger."
 "Please, ask me."
 "Alright, Mr. Danger. Do you have a license to carry concealed?"
 "No. Now you have to stop & frisk me."
"I'm not going to frisk you, Mr. Danger."
 "What if I gave you fifty bucks?"

The Carlos Danger Theme



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