Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Goodbye roller coaster

The Jetstar coaster in Seaside Heights was demolished today. Some people had grown far too fond of the iconic image  the coaster presented symbolizing the Jersey shore in ruins.  Some even suggested it be left there. Ridiculous. To what purpose?  An "attraction"?  Boardwalk businesses are always looking to ways to make more money. But boardwalks aren't about ruins. They are about summers returning.  They burn down, get washed away, are rebuilt. The boardwalk always changes from year-to-year. You pick up on these changes when you return year after year. The prizes at the game booths change. The rides change. The  games in the arcadrs change. Same but different. The memories collect. The boardwalk becomes an experience of  both the present & the past.  Occasionally there is radical change, the result of a fire or storm.  My Atlantic City boardwalk no longer exists, & neither fire nor storm effected the change. We will always have this image:

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