Wednesday, May 08, 2013

The Balancing Bean


Waiting for you at the park
I tried the balancing beam
on the exercise course

Expert level was once walking forward
& once backward with hands at sides

At no point was the beam
more than a foot above the ground
I could not do it

When you arrived
you could not do it

We met an old man
who had gone to Rocky Graziano’s funeral
he could not do it

Who but a circus performer
can balance walking backward blind
on a four inch rail
& do it every time

We strolled around the park
holding hands & talking
we are trying to balance our lives
& find a balance with each other
We are not experts

Although the ground is close beneath
we feel as if we are walking
a hundred feet up without a net

We never become experts
no matter how often we try
to find a balance
There is always the possibility
of an unexpected breeze
or someone laughing at us
or a fear of falling
that makes our knees wobble

You said you could it
after we were done with our walk
but you did not try

We had dinner instead
thought about having sex
decided against it
because we could not balance
the time with our other obligations

The need for balance
the work that must be done
& cannot be avoided

We are not experts
yet we keep walking
blind and backward
trying not to fall

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