Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rahway NJ

Rahway Tourist Court

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I don't know why, but I just love this room! The television and cabinet screams to me. The ashtray ... tre chic (lol). The lamp on the dresser desk, smokes. Can't figure out what is on the beds, though.
.. what ARE on the beds. Pardon my lapse in grammar.
It's so period. This motel (you'd hardly have noticed it passing it) became mildly scandalous because it refused to go out of business, became a shackup motel then a warehouse for homeless - as many motels become in their lifespan. It was still there when I lived in Rahway in the 90's. Gone now. But at time of this photo it was likely still an ordinary, clean old style motel, there were many on Route One. The Jersey Turnpike, opened in '52 was their doom.
A motel room like this also a fantasy I've always had of a relatively possession-less lifestyle. I used to imagine getting rid of nearly everything I had except a few books, a laptop, & a boombox, & moving into The Kismet, a restored motor court motel in North Wildwood on the South Jersey shore.
Those are disposable slippers on the bed. What a great period photo of that era.
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