Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Two bombs, three dead

Two bombs exploded. Then an explosion was reported at the J.F.K. Library. This story stayed in circulation for awhile although it remained unverified. It was reported the Boston police had found unexploded device, then that the police had made a controlled detonation. This story disappeared & was replaced with anywhere from two to four unexploded bombs found. Someone was being held by police but was not yet even categorized as a "person of interest." The person was an injured Saudi student. Later, a a residence was being searched, There was no bomb at the Library, no unexploded bombs found. Nothing came of the Saudi student.

Associated Press via Yahoo updated throughout the late afternoon & evening , but some of the earlier stories were not updated & left online linked to subsequent update, although the dateline said "6 hours ago" & readers  continued to accept the story as factual & add comments to the story.

The facts established early were: two bombs, three dead, & over 100 injured. many critically. You could take just about everything else & throw it away.

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