Friday, April 05, 2013

Gilberto & the Musicabana Orchestra

Came across this rather unpromising Fifties LP on a music sharity blog. Hundreds of cheap Latin dance records from the era. But this one is on the Mercury label, the blogger doesn't post much crap. In fact, it's a hot record of Latin originals, & the odd liner notes strongly suggest Dizzy Gillespie was involved in the project. The leader & songwriter are pseudonyms. But I've found no information  about it.

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Yes, I gave the recording another listening. I tried to disprove my theory but the more I listened the more I heard Mario Bauza. It is very likely that for contractual reasons the name Mario Turner was used. Bauza's horn syncopation's... are a constant presence, his counterpoint chromatic scalings always stating the melody, the harmonic rhythm and chord progressions are all Bauza signature points that are rooted in his Afro-Cuban Jazz style. In other words, he was a master of placing the Jazz on top and the Afro-Cuban on the bottom. In closing, and if I am correct, this is an important album from a musical standpoint. I have heard most the Americanized latin rhythm records that were marketed in the mid to late 1950s and on thru to the mid 1960s. This album is actually one of the best. Well executed and beautifully arranged.
A gem of a find. If it is, Mario Bauza and the Afro-Cubans it would be wonderful if the proper credits were assigned and the recording re-released.
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