Monday, March 11, 2013

Some rough weeks here. Thank heavens my Ambien prescription is renewed tomorrow.

On the positive side, I have begun what I have wanted to do for years, probably decades. Many bags of clothing out the door.  Using mainly  Ziplock bags, sorting out books I really want to keep. A small  number of  100 year old volumes of poems I bought cheap at book sales, beautiful books, probably  not worth much, some have damage .  My favorite has always been a Selected  Poems of Christina Rossetti.  Consolidating all the literary magazines & anthologies that have published my poems; there are "lost" poems in many of those.   Bagged up a box of the small notebooks, the "everything" books I used to carry around, they have WFMU setlists (often so poorly scrawled I can't read them), shopping lists, poems, lines, ideas. I could probably throw those out & not miss them, but they fill one small box.

A lot of junk that has to go. Old PC books & CDs.  Two old computers.
Bagged up the loose greeting cards  & postcards, the antique Smith Corona portable WP I've used to read their old Data Disks - it's small,  the Collected Shakespeare, box of beads & jewelry,  two boxes of unsorted photos, small box of stuff I used to keep in my desk drawer - it's like a little treasure chest - when I got bored or hit a writer's block I'd open the drawer & play with the stuff.  Cleaned & threw out contents of two kitchen drawers. Just getting started.


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