Thursday, March 21, 2013

I'm throwing out stuff I don't even have to think about. Beat up record turntable. Radio tuner without an amp. Several boxes of ancient computer manuals, CDs for long obsolete operating systems & programs, games, even floppy disks. The city doesn't  allow old PCs & monitors in the  trash, which is why they have sat in the other room so long; supposed to go to the recycling center. People do put them on the curb from time to time, & the collection guys probably just toss them in the truck. But I already put stuff in the trash bags that should not be in them, & the city doesn't enforce separation of recyclable cans, plastic & glass containers. & cardboard for apartment buildings. But the city should have an electronic collections day twice-a-year.

That's a big task, good for you! This is more than just the physicality of your "things,"I think.

And you are so right, electronic collections need to happen everywhere, but so rarely do.

Hang in there my friend, and keep at it. I've been thinking of you!
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