Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Been rumored a  gay NFL player is coming out. Makes it a topic for sports talk radio.  Last night a guy calls Tony Paige's late night show on WFAN, says his brother is gay. He would defend his brother "to the death."  Yeah, yeah,  from the tone, which sounds like a preface to the real point of the call, I can almost predict what's coming next, the "but."    The caller  says he is against "gay marriage."  Says NFL  teams should provide separate shower & locker facilities for gay team members so the straight guys don't feel uncomfortable.  Then he goes off on a rant that gays shouldn't compare themselves to blacks, he "loves blacks" by the way,  gays never had to suffer the same kind of racial discrimination  & violence.

Paige, a  black man, WFAN's resident boxing authority,  friendly personality,  non-confrontational style, good listener,  talks about his family,  has coached youth sports team & very concerned about safety & fairness,  listens quietly through all this.  He lets the guy finish. I know Tony won't yell at the caller, who has revealed himself as a particular, & for Tony a very familiar,  type of bigot. There will be no back & forth discussion. The caller had his say & he is let go.  Tony mentions the real problems would not happen   in the locker room, but on the field, where a gay player would be subject to insults & taunts from opposing players & the crowd in the stands.  He  was referencing the  abuse Jackie Robinson had to endure for years. without mentioning Jackie's name.  I wished Tony had kept the caller on air & asked if he would attend his brother's wedding, if invited. That would drive right into the heart of the matter:  How much does the caller really love his brother?

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