Tuesday, February 26, 2013

This works pretty good. Dirt Devil, only $50. free shipping, & the replacement parts (filter, motor belt) are inexpensive. Substantial collection  container. Received dozens of positive user reviews at Amazon. My old "vac" was just a hand held one with brush & handle attachments & a minuscule collector bag, almost useless. I had a very good old vac, so old that replacement bags were  impossible to find. I was buying the wrong type & shaping them to fit with scissors.

I got rid of just about everything under the futon. Some good shoes I've had for years  & never worn. Some books. I'll want to order  a new 6" coil or full foam futon mattress when I've checked out more in my price range, which definitely is not high end    I've been sleeping on top of a down comforter for long time to have a bit of give & softness.   Meanwhile this hard mattress gets sealed up in a hypoallergenic, dust proof bug proof cover, as does a pillow.   Wrestling a  60 pound new mattress up here & on to  the frame is something I'll have to deal with when the time comes.

I have an eager taker for some books. He wants poetry, but a few rarities may entice him into taking some others to sell at flea markets. But I have to get this room in shape first before I concentrate on the other.


That looks exactly like mine. I like it, fine, but you have to keep emptying the container (if you have a lot of dust bunnies that tend to live in your house, like we do here in CA). Easy to purchase a new filter now and then online, too. I've only had to take it apart once to get at a large clog of dust/dirt stuff that was plugging up the suction. Then again, it is very easy to just unscrew the bottom and clean out.
It sucked up a huge amount of dust, the worst part of the apt, & filled up only 3/4. Just gotta be aware of its limits & not be rough on it.
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