Saturday, February 09, 2013


On Thursday, the impending snowstorm was very worrisome, for good reason. A low was developing south into a wet, windy coastal  noreastern, & a frigid plains snowstorm was heading in from the west. That's how we get our largest snowfalls here in Jersey, when those two combine over the mountains & seaboard in our region.   Next thing the media jerks (not the National Weather Service) gave the storm a name, Nemo, & were dusting off "Snowageddon" graphics from past storms. Gina & I couldn't find a parking space at ShopRite, Thursday evening, had to go to the supermarket we don't like.

About noon on Friday I looked at the radars & concluded, in my intuitive way of looking at these things, that it would be a substantial snowstorm but hardly one of "historic" proportions.  Maybe that would occur 100 miles east over lower New England, wqhich would get the full brunt of the coastal storm,  but not here. The storm from the west was drying up & the noreastern was speeding up.    Still, newsradio was all ramped up. Yes, people should have stayed home from work Friday or gone home early.  Common sense given our roads & mass transit. Radar was strongly implying the snow would begin later & taper off sooner, which means the roads would be cleared by late Saturday afternoon afternoon & life would return to more or less normal on Sunday.  Media managed to make an interesting weather event boring.

Outside now: Light, steady snow.  Wind not a factor. 10 inches on ground at most. Pretty.

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