Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Oddly, as I approach the 10th blogversary of The Rix Mix (exact start date unknown), someone from my hometown finally stumbled across it,  linked to it on a Facebook page, "You know you're from Roselle Park if," & asked if anyone had heard of me.  Two commenters had. One thought I had grown up in a different part of town & another claimed to be my stepbrother & predicted I would soon acknowledge the post, which guaranteed  I would not.

It's the kind of small town page where people are always trying to get details correct; exactly where something was or where someone lived. Do you remember this or do you remember that?  These matters are not of much interest to me. They never were. They are impediments to one's memories &  imagination.

Although I grew up in a particular place, & I write about my experiences  there quite specifically, I've also treated that small town in a generic manner. The "history" of the town is my personal history,  & my history as it involves the town is of a young person enjoying the security of a small town in the Fifties & Sixties while gradually learning how small it was. The rest is family stuff & could have happened just about anywhere. The town was a bit like the Methodist Sunday School education I picked up there; enough to teach me some basic,  important things & provide a safe environment for learning them, but not  so much that I had to spend years chopping away a repressive  accumulation of dogmas, doctrines & myths. I stayed in that town one year too long. I began becoming bored with the place after my grandmother moved to Atlantic City, accelerating when I was old enough to go to New York City. In high school, I became  aware of my lack of sophistication.   I didn't need to be Downtown NYC sophisticated, but I knew I needed what would be found there.  I've never been bothered by being a small town person; coming from one, I'm all the more easily entertained & even astonished by things more urbane & traveled  folks hardly notice. When in Manhattan, I still have to remind myself not to look up too much.

It's interesting how long we have been doing this (blogging). I consider you my mentor in blogging. You gave me inspiration to start my own blog, and you have supported it for the past seven years, unconditionally.

I know my blog started out to be an "in your face" left winger site, but as I mellowed, I took solace in your blog and incorporated a lot more personal posts.

Congrats for being around a good decade.
Ten years - that is impressive!
In the earlier years, when blogging was still "hot." it was tempting to start a second politics only blog. Unfortunately, we live in a world where one begins most days being outraged by something in the news.
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