Thursday, February 28, 2013

I Saw the Light

Terry Hall & his band, 1997. Singer with The Specials & Fun Boy Three, hardly known here (I had to piece together who he was), but has had a long, creatively fruitful solo career in Great Britain. His distracted, can't look you in the eye demeanor & barely professional voice are part of his appeal. I watched two  appearances by him on a humorous Brit show, Pop Quiz, & he was smart & oh so droll.  He was pushing 40 when he recorded this (the studio version is excellent, but I like this  live performance), a pure pop phase he went through.

Todd Rundgren & Daryl Hall with Daryl's band, from the very good internet show, Live from Daryl's House, but recorded at Todd's house in Hawaii, a home he designed himself.  Todd & Daryl are both Philly guys, & both at their best write & sing Philadelphia pop. Two old pros doing one of the three songs that pay a lot of Todd's bills. Yeah, I love the song. & this is a good way to be aging pop aristocracy.

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