Sunday, February 24, 2013

Clean, containment, discard

Slept on Gina's couch Fri & Sat nights. Friday good sleep, Saturday not so good. I needed to step away from the problem & see what happened with the initial effort.  She has new resident cat, Max, mellow fellow when his curiosity overcame his caution & he introduced himself.

The futon was fairly inactive, although of course I wasn't there.

I'm getting rid of so much clothing  I'll have to offer Richie, one of the slacker tenants here,  five bucks to haul it out to the curb. He does the trash.

Ordered high quality mattress & pillow  encasement covers.

Rather than shelve & reorganize books, records & junk, I decided to start getting rid of it.  Many wonderful books,  but the fact is they've been pretty much in boxes for twenty years. Many  of the rarer items I've wanted to give to a fellow Jersey poet for years, also a pack rat, but a generous & open-minded 'zine publisher who treasures beat & hippie era  books. If he has duplicates, he can keep the better copy & sell the other. The best I ever considered doing with  them was exhibiting them for a month at Rahway library, where friend closely connected with library would have enthusiastically promoted the idea & probably  tried to talk me into giving a lecture presentation that would attract him & maybe ten others, including library staff.   I would keep a nice, small,  quality personal  library. I know the books I keep going back to.

I know I can winnow the records down farther to some real rarities & a few I must digitalize if I ever learn how to do it. I think there's enough good stuff that WFMU would pick them up, separate  them into library-worthy LPs, the remainder going to the record fair. I always wish I could contribute much more money to WFMU than I can budget.  WFMU staffers dig into their pockets for fund-raisers & make their donations to other shows.

& oh the junk.  & two old computers. In fact, if that other room gets emptied, & is vermin free, I'm likely to begin using it an office. My computer is situated so that I can watch TV while I'm online. But I rarely watch TV anymore. I've become a radio guy again. The digital change over didn't go well here, I'm on the side of the building away from the transmitter towers, lost stations;  cars driving by screw up the signals. I don't get Channel 7 at all, which has the Academy Awards, exactly the kind of program I half watch.

Most positively, if I reduce my possessions to a certain level, moving becomes a realistic option.  Because if I move only two pieces of furniture would go with me. & one is my old-fashioned kitchen table.


I'm glad to hear the update. Things are really moving for you.
Not quite. I'm sort of in pre-battle mode, surveying the terrain. I engaged in a "fighting tactical retreat." It's always better than panic.You concede territory because you've been surprised by an enemy in strength. You take up what you hope is a defensible position. Often enough, in a fighting retreat, you inflict so many casualties on the enemy that they cannot immediately occupy the territory in strength. But you cannot delay very long. You have go to go back & find out. Destroying the enemy is not a feasible option at this point. Perhaps I can reclaim my territory & establish a new defensible line.
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