Tuesday, February 05, 2013

The divorce

A couple I know with a lot of mutual friends in real life & on Facebook recently broke up. The woman reassured her FB friends that it was mutual & everything was o.k. between them.  The man, a long-time personal friend in this relationship,  pulled into himself a bit on FB. The woman began posting lots of photos of herself at various bars with other guys, then took off on a vacation with a guy whose relationship to her is not clear, & is posting photos of him. I wasn't  interested in the details of the breakup,  I never socialized with them as a couple, so I haven't observed  the trajectory of their relationship. But now I'm becoming curious about what the hell happened, which may or may not be her intent.  Breakups are  nearly always damaging to self-esteem, & people respond in variety of ways.

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