Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Jodie's big "secret"

Why has Jodie Foster's rambling speech the other night generated so much controversy?  My immediate impression was that she had had a couple of cocktails & was having some fun with the audience. Do we really care if she's "out" out?

Has any star  ever led a truly secret life in "Hollywood"?  Is it ever a stretch for gay or lesbian actor to play a straight character?  Well, maybe Paul Lynde, who didn't try, even in Bye Bye Birdie. One of my favorite TV raconteurs,  the late, great Charles Nelson Reilly (also a genuine theater person, largely unnoticed by all except other actors & theater people), told hilarious stories on the Tonight Show about being gay in Hollywood without actually saying he was gay, & with less of Paul Lynde's bitch queen act.

Reilly astonished me one night long ago when he came on The Tonight Show to promote The Belle of Amherst, a wonderful one woman show he directed with Julie Harris as Emily Dickinson (& 14 other characters). Of course, he & Johnny didn't dwell on that subject for very long.

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