Sunday, January 27, 2013

Point Pleasant NJ

Old scene on Point Pleasant Canal linking Manasquan Inlet & River with upper Barnegat Bay. Part of the Intracoastal Waterway,  boats have to sail open ocean between Manasquan & New York Harbor.

The only sections of the Waterway I've seen from a boat are between Ocean City NJ & the lower end of Long Beach Island to the north, long ago. The waterway is really interesting, even spectacular in places. The scenery ranges from narrow canals lined with expensive waterside houses,  luxurious yachts at the docks; seafood restaurants with open decks;  to the Atlantic City back bay;  & across expanses of open water,  past salt marshes with tall waving grass intersected by shallow, muddy tidal creeks,   isolate sand islands with nests of herons in the scraggly vegatation, all sorts of water fowl. Of course, the bridges.  The old drawbridges with the bridgekeepers are disappearing, replaced by high fixed spans. 

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