Friday, January 11, 2013

He's "gonna start killin' people"

I can see the beginnings of a long-term strategy for gun reform. It will be very difficult to fight. It will take a few years to really take effect.  It involves a kind of ju jitsu of values, turning the "power" of the more rabid gun owners against them, because the "rights" they claim are fundamentally tied to the power of gun posession itself as much as to their Constitutional arguments. The tendency of these gun owners is to speak their minds too freely, rely too much on slogans, & wrap their grievances in paranoia & threats.

Every screwed up teenage suburban boy who walks into a school with loaded gun is the son of an angry  gun owner. The latter enabled the former.

Every enraged murderous man locking himself in a house, shooting his wife & firing out the windows at police is the angry guy in his home with his stash of guns. The latter became the former.

Every madman on a mass murder spree in a public  place is the angry  guy claiming he needs guns to defend against the madman.  The latter is potentially the former.

After every nationally reported gun crime using guns purchased legally,  the resultant angry defense of guns further exposes the insanity of gun   culture & makes the defenders sound like people who would commit those crimes, even commit seditious acts against the United States.

The NRA is not the extreme "legal" gun culture in America. This is:

The NRA doesn't have the influence to silence men like this. Yes, there is some demonizing involved,  tying conservative   gun owners to crazies like the one in the video. But keep in mind that this man is quite representative of a large segment of American gun culture,  A mild mannered relative of my posts  angry defenses of all gun ownership on Facebook every day & expresses seditious  sentiments, never in his own words, but through graphics he shares from other FB pages, including spurious quotes from Thomas Jefferson.  If he is made to seem a lunatic, that's his problem. All he can do is say, "I am not a lunatic," & proceed to come across like one.


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"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be." Thomas Jefferson

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