Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Comment on Yahoo news page with photo of two happy gay men getting married in Washington state:
"I guess those two perverted sickos won't be at the fag bar tonight."
My reply:
" I guess you'll know for sure  when they don't show up."

It's too easy. It makes me think I could trade quips with the late greats Johnny Carson & Charles Nelson Reilly on the old Tonight Show, which of course I couldn't have done.  These people are so stupid. They always leave themselves wide open.  They never get it anyway. We've all  met them. They just look at you uncomprehendingly, their brains firing a few dozen neurons per second like a lizard  in deep hibernation.

I'm always grumpy (not to say easily enraged) during Presidential election years. It usually wears off within a few weeks in November. Maybe this year it was Sandy, or the Newtown school massacre. Or the incredible arrogance following President Obama's decisive reelection, five point vote margin & an Electoral College trouncing of their candidate. "That'll teach him for winning," they said. "Now Obama the secret Muslim commie has to listen to us."

Just as stunned as Mitt caught without  a prepared concession speech (an  old episode of West Wing humorously dealt with the common superstition of not preparing one).

A couple of right wing hometown Facebook friends  forgot that since I grew up in the same small all-white town, in a Republican family, I know all the racist code words, evasions, excuses & rationales, all the disguises.  I got up & walked over here to this  side,  pretty much at Richard Nixon's invitation as I reached voting age to get out & make room in his party  for  racist Democrats. I wasn't  raised a liberal who votes Democratic.

It comes down to this: A majority of white, non-Hispanic Americans believes that a President is legitimately elected only by winning a majority of white, non-Hispanic Americans. The male ones, just to make it  emphatic.

It doesn't work that way, folks.   Used to work that way when both candidates received a majority of white, non-Hispanic American votes, when there weren't many of any other kind of voter voting.  Including women. For much of our history, women couldn't vote for presidents, & of course African-Americans were disenfranchised for a hundred years  after the Civil War.

So that was the Repug strategy 2012: Disenfranchise enough of those other voters to swing the swing states.

Obama carried every one of the true swing states, Florida at last coming over a few weeks after the election, Romney's percentage of the vote slowly falling to, amazingly, 47%.  Would  any Evangelical care to suggest the, ah, Hand of God in Mitt hitting that number?

The long nights will creep along for a few weeks, then the sunsets will begin to happen  noticeably later.  & maybe some of this grumpiness will wear off.

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"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be." Thomas Jefferson

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