Thursday, January 24, 2013

Approving women for combat roles really brought out the misogynists in force. Now it's o.k. to  insult American military personnel if they happen to be women? The Defense Secretary is just acknowledging what women are already doing, giving them more opportunities for service & advancement.

Why didn't  these guys didn't object ten years ago when they saw photos of women in desert fatigues, armed to the teeth, being deployed to Afghanistan & Iraq. Those women weren't asking to be left at home while the men went into harm's way.

War is a horrible matter.  Being in combat or under fire can't be imagined;  it has to be experienced. But we crossed over a cultural barrier & once that happens it's nearly impossible to turn back. Women chose to cross it. Some have been sneaking past it since The Revolution, disguised as men or by demanding roles that put them as close to the front as possible.

Serving in the military  is now not only physically demanding, but requires technological skills obtained with time & training. Women are fighter pilots.  Our military wants to retain & advance the best, most qualified people, give them more responsibilities, more leadership roles. It doesn't  park women behind desks anymore just because they are women.

No one is forced to serve in the military. It can be argued if that is  necessarily a good thing in time of war, when maybe Americans should be asked to make some kind of personal decision. Anyway, it's only fair to give those who do choose to enlist the chance to make the most of their service, talents & ambitions. It is the honorable thing.

I do get some amusement from reading the sputtering, bigoted, inarticulate comments of men powerless to do anything about it, as happened when the Don't ask, don't tell policy was ended in the military.

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