Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Crosstown Taxi

Went crosstown yesterday for appt.  Wasn't too hot out.  Overcast. Came right home afterward, the sky looked like it could go to a severe thunderstorm or sunny & heat up to mid-nineties. Elizabeth gets asphalt hot. But it stayed cloudy. Had a woman cab driver coming back, thirties, probably an urban Jersey Girl. she could not settle on a radio station. So many FM stations play a kind of slick, semi-funky music that, for me, has very little personality. I suppose the artists are all very famous . But the stuff on the Disney radio station sounds about the same as the songs on the mainstream Black music stations, like it's designed for mixtapes. The production aims at hooky & ear-catchy, maybe with some sexy hip hop in the middle, but it has to keep the flow going on the radio, dance floor, & in concert.  There's a lack of the kind of song that just stops you. I've had many radio experiences of that type going all the way back to when I was a tyke & heard The Diamonds cover of "Little Darlin'" with the castenets & eye yi yi yi opening, a record even a little kid could dig.  Now, a country song or a retro soul thing from England grabs me once in awhile.

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