Friday, July 30, 2010

"The Broad"

Walking on eggshells today for fear my catheter will be expelled again. Yesterday I had a new one installed by an ER nurse. The urologist office thought it very unusual, but the ER treated it as a simple procedure & the doctor there, a nice woman, sent me home.   I was unable to get a medical opinion from the urologist yesterday or today, who was out of office, & the suggestion that I come to Newark for an assistant to look at it I suspected would be pointless, since she was the one who inserted the catheter that came out, & it never felt seated correctly, & whatever doctor was there probably wouldn't feel empowered to do much of anything. But I had to run some errands today with Gina, who is sisterly & the soul of kindness as I minced steps through Shoprite.  Sisterly seems to be her nature toward many people.

Gina is the "The Broad"  Glen Jones occasionally mentions - with affection - on his Sunday WFMU radio show. They've been together for a number of years. While they share a lot of interests, they have distinctly different personalities.  Though she's plenty sociable, Gina isn't nearly as extroverted as Glen.  Often handles his wardrobe for live appearances.   She has a first rate art school education, one of the finer photographers I've met, pinhole is a specialty.   A sucker for stray cats. Every year they head to south Florida for a few days on a budget vacation,  stay in a Fifties era motel,  see some jai alai. Now they're hooked on the Silverball pinball museum arcade in Asbury Park where you can BYOB, pay a flat admission, & play as many classic pinball machines as you can fit into the time you paid for.  Silverball is now one of the great Jersey boardwalk attractions.

One of Gina's proudest acheivements  - she likes mentioning it -  was introducing the True Love to a guy who doubted he would ever find it. I believed  he would eventually find it, & I'd seen him in some of his most despairing moments.  His problem was that he was selecting his own women, & I guess his criteria weren't quite right. Gina knew  someone who  was not only good-looking, but single, lonely, & talented, & perfect for him.  Me, I've had about five True Loves, & I think I had all chances I was gonna get.


I got hooked on the Silverball last year when Todd Abramson and I took a trip or two down there. I noticed that a few other WFMU personalities had high scores on the machines. In the fall the pinball palace moved from downtown to the boardwalk so the machines can be in their natural environment.
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