Saturday, July 17, 2010

Little Anthony & the Imperials: Better Use Your Head

This great single from 1966 was the end of the line for Little Anthony as a hitmaker. He had a series of classic singles in 1964 & 65 produced by Teddy Randazzo, all charted in the Top Twenty:
"I'm On The Outside (Looking In)" (August 1964) - POP #15, R&B #8
"Goin' Out Of My Head" (October 1964) - POP #6, R&B #
"Hurt So Bad"(January 1965) - POP #10, R&B #3
"Take Me Back" (June 1965) - POP #16, R&B #15

All in busted heart ballad style. Here, Anthony is assertive & uptempo regarding his failing relationship, the record only made to #64. But it was just the beginning of Anthony Gourdine's performing career. He's still working.


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