Sunday, July 25, 2010

railroad dream

I have railroad dreams from time to time. They're always in Jersey. Some are a bit sinister, involving abandoned rail yards or scary station platforms,which one does see & encounter in NJ Transit real life,  or delays.  But they never become nightmares.  Last night I was in the cab of a diesel engine. It had something to do with Pearl Arts Store, one of the two engineers - both women - was an assistant manager when I worked there,  a fair, sane, intelligent person.  We  were in a hurry to get somewhere, delivering art supplies for all I knew, racing down tracks mostly through woods.  For some stretches there were no tracks, just railroad bed,  but she was steering the train across those stretches. It  was scary & exhilarating like an amusement ride rather than an impending  catastrophe. The most amusing part was we passed a complete retail store, like a Walgreen, on a rail car parked on a side track, & all lit up like it was open for business & just needed to be moved somewhere & installed, which is how those those kinds of stores are designed. You see a property cleared for construction in Jersey, &  two weeks later you drive past & there's a   brand new 7-11.


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