Saturday, July 03, 2010

Here comes the heat wave

Six days of temps in mid-to-high nineties starting tomorrow, & in the Land of Asphalt that is New Jersey  you might as well say one-hundred plus.  I think we were spared this kind of week last summer.  I do not like really hot weather & never did. Even the beach can be an uncomfortable place. & most Jerseyans who spend a week at the shore don't  do it the week of the 4th. Down around Wildwood this is Frenchy time, when the Quebeckers fill up the motels. It's why Wildwood has a Quebec-by-the-Sea & a Fleur de Lis among the motels.  The first few years I went to Wildwood I couldn't find a decent cup of coffee outside of the Wawa with a fresh pot on, much less an iced cappuccino. Which puzzled me because I couldn't find a bad cup of coffee in Montreal.  The French-speakers on vacation drank the bad, went without, brought their own coffeemakers or, as I observed, woke up to the first cocktail hour of  many they would enjoy during the day. Now you can get a drinkable latte at Dunkin' Donuts. The world has changed in the new millennium.


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