Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A good decision for cops

Judge blocks parts of Arizona immigration law

PHOENIX – A federal judge stepped into the fight over Arizona's immigration law at the last minute Wednesday, blocking the heart of the measure and defusing a confrontation between police and thousands of activists that had been building for months.
District Court Judge Bolton delayed provisions that required immigrants to carry their papers and banned illegal immigrants from soliciting employment in public places — a move aimed at day laborers. In addition, she blocked officers from making warrantless arrests of suspected illegal immigrants for crimes that can lead to deportation.
Is there another nation in the world where a alien can go about freely without some kind of legal identification or authorization to be in that nation? Is there another nation where it's legal for  noncitizen to get a job without permission of the host nation? Can't do it Mexico. Those two provisions, sadly in a way, have to be part of any federal immigration reform that includes an amnesty. It's sad because sometimes  it bothers me that we all  have to carry several  forms of legal I.D.   now just to function smoothly. A cashier at Walgreen once casually asked for my Society Security number like she would for my little discount card, just to get it in their data base, & I refused, & was  so irritated  I called over the assistant manager & complained.

But many nations have federalized local police, or police with far more powers than American police, & fewer constitutional protections for everyone. Maybe   police in our smaller towns don't have enough to do, there's not much crime, it doesn't matter if aliens, legal or not, clam up or hide when they witness a crime or accident.  But not in Elizabeth NJ, or Los Angeles, or New York City, or Phoenix.

Between the poem and this post, interesting dimensional split.
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