Monday, July 19, 2010

"U" is for Uninteresting

Lost in interest in  several  novels & abandoned them. Not pickin' em well.  But a couple were bestsellers by authors I like,  including Sue Grafton's new one, "U" is for Undertow.   In "T"Is For Trespass, Sue began playing around with her structures, alternating the first person narrative of her P.I. Kinsey Millhone with the voice  of her psycho nemesis. Didn't care for it, but one  could hardly fault Sue for stretching.   I got far into her newest book before I was willing to admit that for first time Sue had lost me. It was expertly written & plotted, but neither the characters nor the plot (which had flashbacks) were engaging me. & Kinsey's  grumpiness  didn't have it's usual humor.   I prefer the  classic P.I.  style Grafton had been using.   Maybe Janet Evanovich's funny, lightweight  Stephanie Plum novels have spoiled me. Easy reads,  slapstick action, Jersey locales by an author who grew up here.


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