Friday, June 11, 2010

Abby Sunderland's ship

Sea of criticism for adrift young sailor's parents

By JOHN ROGERS, Associated Press Writer John Rogers, Associated Press Writer –

LOS ANGELES – What were her parents thinking? Many people were asking that question as a 16-year-old girl sat adrift and alone in the frigid southern Indian Ocean, her ship's mast dashed along with her around-the-world sailing effort.

Abby Sunderland's ship was rolling in 20- Edit HTMLto 30-foot waves as she waited to be rescued by a boat that was expected to arrive early Saturday morning Pacific time.
Just because a kid wants to do something special, & may even be capable of doing it, & the parents can afford it, doesn't mean the kid ought to permitted to do it. For all the expense & effort, this was a reach for a loony, 15 minutes of fame overachievement. A forgettable guest spot with Leno or Letterman? A book deal? You rather read about her or the kid who climbed Mount Everest? We've heard all those stories. They're the same ones told by the grownups who do it. except the kids have less interesting stories to tell.

What kids are inspired by this? Rich teens whose parents own sailing yachts? A typical Jersey teen just hopes to be allowed to rent jet skis for an afternoon during a week's vacation at the shore. Weather permitting.


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