Thursday, July 01, 2010

Under warranty

Ordered  an inexpensive external USB floppy disk reader.  I want to look at my floppy disks. I'm pretty sure I got all the writing off them.  But the floppy drive on my old PC broke long ago & I'd like to view & retrieve  the  low resolution photo files Kodak used to include with print orders.

My CD-DVD drive stopped working. I knew it was the weak part of the EMachine.  I went with it because I liked the tower & I'm not a heavy CD/DVD user. It's been acting up. It's also time to make updated boot disks & clear out mp3s. I e mailed customer service & they came back with the old reinstall drivers thing, I knew that wasn't the problem, it didn't  fix.  Now they say I never registered - although I am signed up with emachine website, guess I skipped the official registration - & want a proof of purchase scanned & sent, which I suppose is the J&R invoice. I hate the idea of sending it back.  Maybe they have a local authorized repair.  I have no backup PC.  My old one won't handle this DSL I'd have to go on dialup. I have been looking at cheaper netbooks, since I think one will be very useful to me.  You can plug a mouse, VGA monitor, & ethernet line into a netbook.

Since it'll be awhile before  the warranty/repair thing is   straightened out,  I ordered a plug in external DVD/CD burner. They're inexpensive & if  do get a netbook it'll come in handy anyway.


I am completely baffled by all the puter problems you have had since I've known you. We need to talk. You need better puter advice.
I can get by without a dvd. I cannot get by without an internet connection. Web is 90% of my contact with the outside world that matters to me. Pathetic but true. Without it I am almost completely isolated. I know a few other people like me. Although they don't contact me much, they want me to be here.
My cell phone has internet access, including the ability to use Yahoo Messenger, AIM and MSN instant message programs, not to mention I can blog from my phone, tweet from my phone and text from my phone. I can also browse the web. I don't have a 3-G or better, you don't really need those unless you want to watch videos and stuff on your cell. I just have a standard Sidekick, which has a QWERTY keyboard, and it's a pre-paid, so I don't have to deal with contracts. When I have to use Yahoo Messenger for work, and leave my home to run errands, I'll open up Yahoo on my cell, and no one can tell the difference.
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