Monday, June 07, 2010

next time I take a taxi

The next time I need to take a taxi to a location one block past the city line, I'll take it to a location one block inside the city line & walk the two blocks, I think it'll save at least five bucks. Ridiculous. But it saved me a trip to Newark. Just glad I had all phone & fax numbers the walk-in test lab required or it would've been for nothing.

All in all, I was out & about longer than if I'd gone to Newark, & spent more money. I walked all the way home by increments. First to Home Depot to price snap-together plastic shelving & buy a basic extension cord. Then on to Dollar General store where I bought a cheap pair of jeans that looked well-made of a very soft denim, purchase inspired by the name brand but stiff denim cloth jeans I was wearing. Have to use softener in the rinse next time. Skipped the library. Dropped into 7-11 for a 79 cent bag of my fav onion rings. The another block to Pathmark, which reminded me why I never patronize that store anymore for weekly food shopping. Cashiers too few & too slow. Mine didn't even notice I'd requested cash back. Unusual number of cans on shelves dented or with yucky leaked stuff on them. The store hasn't improved much since A&P bought the chain. But the six pack nutrition drink I use as the basic smoothie ingredient was on sale. At that point I saw no reason not to walk the rest of the way, enjoying fine weather that could have been a day in early May or a morning at the Jersey shore before the heat cranks up.

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