Monday, June 28, 2010

Never Mind

Never Mind That Sex Allegation: Al Gore Writes Op-Ed, Raises Money for Dems

The strange Al Gore story struggling along on wobbling legs. For a few reasons. There doesn't seem to be much to it anyone would care about. One doesn't want to imagine Al receiving a massage in a hotel room. He'd been out of office for six years, & the guy who became President made us realize that unresolved daddy issues could be a lot worse for America than cheating on one's wife.  It has no bearing on his expertise or credibility when he speaks out on global warming. Of more interest is how Al & Tipper apparently began protecting their assets in anticipation of the end of their marriage & possible scandal that might result in lawsuits.

Sportscaster Marv Albert was involved in a bizarre incident back in 1997. NBC fired him. But Marv was divorced at the time. He remarried in 1998, took a plea deal, & his broadcasting career quickly recovered. I recall Marv joking about it on Letterman.


Eliot Spitzer has a higher approval rating than David Paterson.
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