Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Mets

The Mets have been playing well. To discuss this  in detail prior to the Yankee series this weekend is kind of jinxy. But I notice on WFAN, the New York call-in sports radio station, that a certain type of Met fan is unable to enjoy the present.  Some Yankees fans are also like that. But many Yankees fans want guarantees the team will at least get the Wild Card, & they suggest outrageous, unnecessary, probably impossble mid-season trades. There's hardly anything wrong with the Yankees.  Injuries, &  Tampa Bay. The Yanks almost always deliver when they promise a post-season.  But some Mets fans want promises their hearts won't be broken.  This cannot be.. They have the absurd idea that The Mets could be like The Yanks, that there could be a No Heartbreak  lineup on paper.  The Mets need another a good pitcher, no doubt about it. They need some semblance of the old Carlos Beltran back. Maybe it'll happen,  maybe not.  The Mets are a House of Cards team  right now, propped up by some unlikely players.  But they sure are fun. Only a  few  weeks ago  the whole season looked like a depressing write-off. Something at the core of the team shifted when rookie Ike Davis arrived.  Ike is not a headcase. Ike is a young man psychologically prepared for the majors by his former major league dad. The Mets have two headcases, David Wright & Jose Reyes. When Reyes slumps at the plate his entire game falls apart, he can barely order his feet to run to first base on what's probably a routine out. His defense goes bad.  When Wright slumps he looks like me  whiffing at  fast balls in  a batting cage on the boardwalk.  But when they're on, they're great ballplayers & play with the enthusiasm & intensity  of all star  Little Leaguers.

If you can't risk a broken  heart, be a  Pittsburgh or Baltimore fan. They have nice ball parks & you can talk about all the winning Pirates & Orioles teams & players of the past.
As for soccer & the World Cup. I'm not much of an American football fan, but if all games ended in a score of 3-0, only a field goal, they would still be more interesting than soccer.

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Soccer players have the best legs!
Working in Koreatown as I do, everyone was up last week at 4:30 a.m. PST to watch the game against Greece (and they will be up at 4:30 a.m. tomorrow as well). In the heart of Koreatown, they put up a giagantic big screen and 20 foot high speakers. I believe they expect a good crow tomorrow, nice and early.

My friend was at a friend's house, with others, and their next door neighbor was from Greece! What are the odds of that for game one? She told me it was funny when each side of the two apartments, they could hear the other side root and holler ... it was almost like being in a stadium, with the opposing team fans on the other side of the stadium.

USA plays Slovenia on Friday, and the Slovs already have three points to the USA's one. :(
When I had to use the local laundromat there was usually Spanish language soccer game on the TV.
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