Thursday, June 10, 2010

69 cent CD

It's great that for 69 cents plus cheap shipping I can get a perfectly fine used classical CD, a first rate performance, that would cost $12 to download. I want the hard copy liner notes booklet.

Or free if you download it the, um, way I do, and then search the net for the liner notes, print up a copy of the album cover, and with a little editing you have an exact replica of the same album. Of course, 69 cents is awfully cheap. Did that include shipping?
$3 shipping for Amazon sellers. It was classical, & a specific performance. But my other tastes still generally run where they always have - to offbeat music that's not for sale on digital, either never was or isn't anymore, there are many many music blogs specializing in it. There's a DJ at WFMU does a blog called "Mining the Audio Motherlode" who's pointed the way to great stuff.
I just use file sharing sites, and download on the "download" as they say. You'd be surprised at what old stuff you can find.
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