Wednesday, June 09, 2010

& the winner is

(Update: Won by 24)

My conscientious councilman in Elizabeth says he's winning the primary by about 25 votes. The Union County Board of Elections hasn't updated results since last night, & in that count he's behind by 30. Countywide, the regular Democrats had squeakers in the Clerk & Sheriff races - Sheriff Ralph Froelich is usually the most "safe" Democrat in the County , & surprisingly close contests for freeholder. But there are dissident Democratic groups in a number of Union County towns, allied mainly by opposition to the regular organization, & they generated a lot of votes in their local contests that went up the ballot. I can't support them because they're mostly challenging from the right, not the left, & there's nothing particularly "reform" about them at the local level. Congrats to Rick Proctor, Rahway's next mayor.
Weekly sshopping trip postponed til tomorrow, Rainy 60 degrees. We stop at three or four places, park in outskirts of Shoprite lot 'cause people are nuts, & Gina sometimes likes to browse the garden plants outside at supermarket & Home Depot.


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