Friday, June 18, 2010

A day in the life of someone who can buy anything

John Lennon's A Day in the Life lyrics sell for $1.2m

John Lennon's handwritten lyrics to Beatles song A Day In The Life have sold for $1.2m (£810,000) at auction, well above the price expected.

The double-sided sheet of paper with notes written in felt marker and blue ink was sold at Sotheby's in New York.

The lyric sheet also contains some corrections and other notes penned in red ink.
An investment?  Buying it as a Beatles fan is insane even for Beatles fans.

I've known some record & music memorabilia collectors.  There were WFMU DJs I thought were nuts - until the FMU record fairs became so popular that rich collectors flew in from Europe for them.  They have lists & wads of cash & when they run low they go to an ATM for more money.  I  worked the dollar tables so I would meet fellow  hoi polloi hunters. The crazed collectors hit the dollar table on the way out, My people browsed them on the way in, & would check back as we restocked. My radio shows were driven by flea market, garage sale, & cut-out bin finds. I let records I had never heard or heard of find me.

I can understand why people drop a bundle on expensive items. An antique grandfather clock or dining room table. A rare tea service. Heirlooms. Or one classic car, not Jay Leno's addiction.

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