Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yesterday Gina drove me to an appt with my primary physician, then we hit Home Depot. She picked up some plants for DJ Glen's' Asbury Park balcony & got hooked on a nifty little folding camp chair that'll probably be good for the beach. I got another cheap canvas chair for my apt.

The good news from my primary doc was that the standard blood work was all fine, cholesterol, sugar, etc. She prescribed something she says will help my appetite. We shall see. But while we were in the waiting room, Dr. Oz on tv was showing all the cocktails he wouldn't drink because they had too many calories, & I said to Gina, maybe I should treat myself to a margarita once in awhile. The primary doc is not pleased that she doesn't know my urologist, she wrote a note to him on a script for me to deliver to please forward copies of consultation reports, & I tucked it in my pocket thinking, yeah right, like the bigshot specialist's gonna do that. This is the second note she's written. I told her I don't like to complain about another doctor but that he's always a week behind on reading my tests even though I call up & tell his staff to please show him the newest one, & his assistant calls me & tells me I'm "sensitive" to antibiotics that seem to be working & now I'm on one that clearly doesn't work. The primary doc said she doesn't know what he means by sensitive unless she sees the test results, which she would like to see. Of course, the urologist office wasn't answering the phone; only the general practitioners are working the Friday before Memorial Day weekend. What I like about this primary doctor is that she clearly wants to get a handle on my overall situation. Had she been been my primary last fall, as she wanted to be when she attended me in the hospital, my general care would've gone in a different direction, because she would've referred to a different local urologist & probably yanked some strings at the HMO if necessary to make it happen. But she wasn't approved by my HMO at time. This was my third visit & both she & her receptionist remembered my name on my second visit, when she fit me in the same day I called.

A good doctor is a treasure, a rare one!
I think she's good so far. But I like women doctors generally, & she has a small practice, which I take to mean she has desire for independence,& a good deal of confidence in her abilities, & she treats the kinds of patients like myself who would be consigned by HMOs to large LLC group practices if we didn't choose our own primary.
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