Thursday, May 13, 2010

bus stop

Waiting for my bus across the street from Elizabeth Library & the Courthouse, backpack filled with novels. Car pulls up smack in the middle of the bus stop, guy gets out, locks car, walks into a crappy jewelry store, one of a dozen crappy jewelry stores downtown. Cars often stop there, but a driver or passenger quickly runs in & out of the pizzeria or Chinese takeout. This car is parked in a such a way that no bus can pull up to the curb. I'm thinking, this car deserves a ticket. Just then, a cop car turns the corner, parks directly behind the offending car. After a few minutes a cop gets out & slips the ticket under the windshield. I say to him, "You just made my day."

A few minutes later the driver comes out of the store, looks at ticket & says. "Oh shit!" Then he takes the ticket off the windshield & goes back into the store. I say to a man waiting for a bus, "That's stupid. Another cop might come & give him another ticket." & he treated the ticket like a license to stay parked there.


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