Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Typical Family Dollar store variety of purchases today. Bag of Rudolph's onion rings; can of strawberries in light syrup (I blend them in smoothies); candles; CD-RW 5 pack; cheap, portable AM-FM radio with speaker. Want radio for ballgames, iffy, WOR 50,000 watt signal usually overwhelms the Mets WFAN & the whole lower end of the dial on cheap radios here. I barely grab it on my old Sears. But the $5 is no great investment.


Bob, please read the label on the package more carefully next time. The bag doesn't contain "onion rings" but "Onion FLAVORED rings."
The 7-11 brand (which I rate as the best) says both onion rings & onion flavored rings on the bag.
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