Monday, May 03, 2010

Meet da Mets

Saturday: When Halladay throws a complete game shutout, doesn't matter how many runs the Phillies score & it's a good day for Pelfrey to have a bad day.

Sunday: But last night's game, an ESPN profit special, was a shocker. Hittable 47 year old Jamie Moyer on mound for Phils, Mets scored 3 runs in 1st then 2 more in top 4th of to give their ace Santana some space. Then in bottom of 4th Santana went to pieces so fast & so unexpectedly that Manager Jerry Manuel was frozen into inaction by the horror of it. The turning point was Santana loading bases then, with two outs, walking 9th man pitcher Moyer to force in a run. Score: Mets 5, Phils 4. But every Mets fan knew what was coming next. We couldn't say it aloud. Yep, Victorino hit a grand slam. Bases empty. Then Polanco singled to right before Utley hit another homer. Santana finally leaves, Takahashi gives up another run. Score: Phils 11, Mets 5. 9 run inning for Phils.

So OK, the Mets thought this game would be a gimme & they'd take 2 of 3 down there. Tough break, Santana falling apart. But five innings to go, decent bullpen, humid night, balls flying out in bandbox Citizen Field. Would the Yanks throw in the towel on national TV? The Red Sox? This is after all the new Ike Davis Mets. The Mets with youth & hope & energy. It's still Moyer out there, & a shaky Philly bullpen behind him. Ike Davis must be thinking, "I can take this guy Moyer out." & Ángel Pagán's muttering, "Maybe I make something happen." What's that? Ike's got the night off to sit on bench & spit sunflower seeds? I see Gary Matthews Jr. in Ángel's center field. Wait a minum. Isn't this a big prove it game against the rotweilers of the City of Brotherly Love? The crowd that boos Santa Claus. Oh, Jerry's little book has the old numbers on Moyer & Tatis & Jr., & Jerry swears by the numbers. Five innings to chip away at that six run lead. Heck, you already got five runs. Lose 11-9, or even 11-7 but wasting the Philly bullpen by putting a lot of guys on base, you can walk outta here with heads held high & make the short flight to Cincinnati, where Ike & Angel can have their rest. & today, in the Post & Daily News, & on WFAN, they'd be using words like "gutsy" & "stubborn" & "pride " & maybe even "wild card." Five more innings, all zeros for both Mets & Phils. The Mets didn't get another hit.


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