Friday, May 14, 2010

baby shower & bachelor buttons

My sister is throwing a baby shower for niece tomorrow. I can guarantee it will be great baby shower, mostly outdoor. This is the sort of function at which my Virgo sister excels, plus she's waited a long time to be a grandmother, & she'll be great at that, too. The food will good & none of it will be truly strange or exotic. Special emphasis on cake & dessert. Things will happen pretty much on schedule. My sister likes to enjoy what she organizes & hosts; even, say, a Thanksgiving dinner. That is, she doesn't want to run to the kitchen every five minutes. So she's very detail-organized before the event. She didn't learn this growing up, not in our house. I think part of it is from her years of experience working in a law office that handled all kinds of work & clients. But the other part, I decided at some point long ago, is conceptual. She imagined it all.

Some years ago, when I was in between girlfriends, I was at a nursery with my sister, & she bought some Bachelor Buttons & planted them in her garden for me. I decided then that if I ever got married, I would have the ceremony & small reception at her house, if she would allow it. I was pretty certain not only that she would, but that she would insist on doing most of the planning.


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