Sunday, May 09, 2010

If I hide my problems, nobody can help me with them. But I don't want to be a "problem" for others. So I feel more comfortable dealing with people who are trained & paid to help me with my problems, But one of my problems is that I need help & encouragement to find those people. That's why therapists are always dwelling on "support networks."

I had a terrible time moving here. Someone loaned me a station wagon, & two others help move smaller stuff. But there was one guy, Joe, I wished I could have called who probably could have arranged the whole thing with a couple of phone calls, calling in some favors here in Elizabeth, for the price of a few pizzas.

One problem I have now is I'm running out of Ambien before the refill date. I take generic Ambien in 1/2 doses, cut the tab in half, sometimes smaller, it's safer than gobbling Tylenol PMs. I've never developed a great tolerance to it - it nearly always works in the small amount, & decline the time release variety. Once I get to sleep, if I wake up after couple of hours I can go back to sleep. But I get terrible rebound insomnia when I don't use it on night I need it.

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