Friday, May 07, 2010

Tomorrow, I don't know

I need to have the standard blood test series you have to have taken before breakfast - after at least a 7 hour fast. Doctor suggested a lab in Roselle & said it takes walk-ins. I get up this morning, decide I'll go have the tests, take shower, but figure I ought to call lab to make sure I can walk- in before I invest in a taxi. I could not get through to a real person at the lab. I called the 800 number, got all the options, press one, press two, none that would tell me what I needed to know. I tried one, then another. Finally I got a real person at the corporate office in Teaneck, got the local number, & she transfered the call, too. But the lab in Roselle didn't have a real person, just an answering machine. All this took about 15 minutes. There was an option for making an appt, I was frustrated so took that, with the recorded voice asking what day you want, recognizing the date, suggesting a time, giving you the option to say no & asking for another time, very strange. Then I made a smoothie, drank half of it, went back to bed, finished a novel, slept, drank the rest of the smoothie, listened to WFAN sports radio, slept some more, turned on Mets game. I haven't been outside in two days. I might take garbage out tonight. Tomorrow, I don't know.
Took out garbage, surprised myself by walking to 7-11. Catheter chaffing & uncomfortable. Sometimes aspirin or ibuprofen numbs it a bit if I find a comfortable position laying down. Changed back into sweats soon as I got back. eating a kind of ravioli soup I blend up.

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Bob, I hope that you are ok. I am a little worried and I do not want to sound intrusive.

I do wish that I lived nearby and could help you with rides etc.

Prayers, good thoughts and wishes - although that sounds so flat, it is not.
Thank you, Fran. I know when you say you send prayers, you actually send them.
Hope you got my invite to my NYC party ... please come.
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