Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Energywise, I did alright yesterday. Helped that the bus & train home from Newark timed almost perfectly. The doctor experience wasn't so pleasant, the outlook not too good even under best possibilities. But I wasn't draggin' much by the time I got home. Suffice to say I didn't do much for the rest of the day.

Last night I listened to great Mets comeback win on the radio, & that went to the postgame show, then Steve Somers show, & I started a new book, & it got pretty late. So I took what amounted to a little more than 1/2 Temazepam capsule & tried to get comfortable. & after awhile I felt comfortable. I definitely slept because I had a dream. But I woke up several times, & at about 7 am couldn't get back to sleep. So it was maybe 5 hours of on & off. If I want a few more hours, I usually take 1/2 an Ambien. But I wasn't gonna take any more Temazepam. So I just stayed in bed & listened to radio. Temazepam is more than a sleep med. It's not really a sleep med at all. Now I realize it's a mild sedative in the smaller dose the doctor prescribed. But it's been replaced by later generations of meds in the Prozac/Paxil family that affect serotonin uptake & are meant to be taken for long periods of time & are supposed to be mood lifters.

My psychiatrist isn't very concerned with Ambien dependence, because it's a comparatively safe med overall & he probably prefers his depressive & anxious patients just get some sleep. If you take too much Ambien, there are cases of people driving their cars in their sleep. Ambien withdrawal is return of insomnia. He also has to deal with addicts & alcoholics.


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