Saturday, May 01, 2010

Do I Look "Illegal" Day

I changed my Facebook name to Roberto Nicanor for Do I Look "Illegal" Day.

I'm fairly conservative on immigration, legal & illegal. I do support some kind of "amnesty" along the lines of the bipartisan "carrot & stick" legislation supported by George W. Bush &, at the time, John McCain.

However, I want my local police in this majority Hispanic city to encourage an open & positive relationship with residents - including the illegal immigrants who are otherwise law-abiding. I don't want my local police to feel they are pressured to enforce immigration law, & to have the impossible task of discerning resident status when the vast majority of Hispanics (& others) are native born or here legally. I want illegal immigrants from any country to feel they can speak freely to local police, & for local police to signal that resident status can be a matter of minor concern when investigating local crime.

Que bueno Roberto.

These are strange times - but then, I guess they all are.
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