Tuesday, May 25, 2010

taxi to library

Cab from psych clinic to main library, definitely my favorite driver, second time I was in his taxi. African-American guy, beret, good soul-funk oldies radio station. When he picked me up at home a few weeks ago for ride to train station, we had such a friendly, animated chat about sports that he missed a turn. Today, there was a song on his radio that was to my ears, although it wasn't familiar, a perfect example of late-Seventies soul-funk, a period I really like. I asked him if he recognized it. He didn't, but agreed it sounded Seventies, & he also liked music from then, said rhythms were more sophisticated & lyrics generally more thoughtful. On the ten minute or so ride we had a rather wide-ranging discussion of music, & he was distracted & overshot the library, less than half a block. He told me his name, I forgot, I'm bad with names. Intelligent man.

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