Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Very depressed. Got up, stayed up a few hours, went back to sleep. Got up again, puttered around, back to bed, read, slept. Yesterday, I started up on Wellbutran again, but it may take a week before it starts working, if it works. Haven't been taking care of myself or much of anything else. Only one person close by is really aware of what's happening here. I'm badly in need of some take-charge help. I hide my true physical condition, which is pretty shocking if you knew me even five or six years ago.

Bob - Have been a reader of the Rix Mix for years, and once sent you an MP3 of the Wildwood tramcar for your NJ page. Not usually inclined to comment. You've got one of the best brains around. Keep writing and keep going. And please take care of yourself.
Thanks for the encouragement. I still have that "Watch the Tramcar" mp3.
Keep swimming, Rix.
Bob- sending you my every good thought, prayer and wish.
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