Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Proper punishment

EDGEWATER -- A teenage girl was charged with imitating a Walmart racially offensive announcement at a Whole Foods in Edgewater, according to a report by NorthJersey.com.

The 14-year-old girl used the supermarket's speaker system on Saturday afternoon and announced "all blacks leave the store," the report said.
A "copycat" incident. But charged with what? A racial bias crime?

The appropriate punishment is to ground her for three months - no hanging out at the mall, no parties, nothing. Take away her cellphone. Computer only for homework. Limited TV. Let her play solitaire with real deck. Extra household chores. Make her read all three volumes in Taylor Branch's history of Dr. King & the Civil Rights movement, & all the other library books she wants, but she chooses them online & they're picked up for her. After 90 days of zilch social life, stupifying boredom, & forced education, I doubt she'll do anything like that again.

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I totally agree with you on what her punishment should be. What she did was stupid and uncalled for, but criminal charges will have an unnecessary negative effect on her.
For not being a parent, you sure have the discipline down!

I agree tottaly with you on that. Grounding and taking away privileges always worked in my family. No phone and no TV and not going out after school worked wonders.

Although, her parents need to give her a talking to about racial sensitivity, and if her parents espouse the same feeling, then there's probably nothing they will do to her.
She might have reflected her parents' attitude. People have a certain right to that no matter how distasteful. But behavior modification is the minimal goal.
Your points on disipline are right on target. I would also add that on Saturdays during that 3 month period she should have to "volunteer" bag groceries at that Whole Foods store for an 8 hour shift. Of course this is only after spending the first Saturday at the door apologizing to all patrons who entered for her offensive remarks.
OMG a 14 year old kid that did something stupid and offensive? One wonders what the world is coming to.

Of course the parents are to blame. And punishment is the only solution. Isn't it interesting? 3000 years of Western civilization, and the wormhole to the stone age hasn't been closed yet.
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